Bangladeshi Food on a Tray!

Bangladeshi Food on a tray

Found Bangladeshi food in Singapore!
and its only in Singapore that they serve these dishes on stryrofoam plates with a brown tray.

Fish fish and more fish with vegetables Sabji (Hindi for vegetables). Yum yum.

Found my fish chutney, cabbages with dried fish, and more fish curry. I was so used to eating fish chutney in remote parts of Bangladesh, Assam and Nagaland in all my meals, that I was craving for them.

Despite being in India for quite awhile, had really dislike Northern Indian food, they are so heavy and loaded with tons of spices and yoghurt, it fills me up after a few bites. Even in North India, as much as I possibly could, avoided Northern Indian food and head towards the Bengali food places.

Bangla dishes are lightly spiced, freshly cooked, pretty healthy, as it is mainly fish and lots of Sabji (Vegetables)

I do miss my dried fish chutney, which I had in almost every meal in Northeast India. Assamese, Nagas, Bengalis all have their own versions of it.

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