Travel Food Recipe : Kick Ass Mushroom Soup

I love food but I don’t really like to cook, I prefer the eating part.

Travelling makes it a little more difficult to get that balance healthy diet and sometimes I am forced to cook, partly because the produce in the markets look too yummy not to, or to save tons of money on meals in those rather expensive cities.

While visiting pricey London, I fell in love with the gloriously stocked supermarkets where I found my favorite loves, mushrooms and cheese along with my other loves like smoked salmon and summer berries.

Here’s a rather quick recipe in making this amazing mushroom soup.

Recipe for Super Quick Mushroom Soup

1 Punnet of Portabello mushroom, washed, soaked in bowl of water for 5mins, then chopped into chunks

1 block of blue veined cheese (250g)

Microwave for 5-7mins.

This only works with microwave where the water soaked mushroom burst out allowing infusion of the mushroom juices and the cheese.

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