Waiting for a ride to Rumtse

Tanlangla pass - heading to Rumtse

September 2009

Tanlangla Pass, Ladakh, India (around 17,00 ft)

He waited for a couple hours…

for a ride to Rumtse, a village about 2 hours away by vehicle and at least a day’s walk away, but everyone seem to be heading towards the other direction.

I asked if I could take a photo of him when he was lying down spinning some sheep yarn into a ball.

That would have made a more interesting photo, but he quickly stood up and groomed himself and posed for me.

So i decided to take a photo of him with the background.

Such a delightful man, he was so open and friendly.

I wished I had snap a photo of him first before I ask for his permission. This image would do.

One of the phrases I learnt is ‘where are you going ?‘,  a common question after the first Ladakh greeting, ‘Juley‘.

It’s like ‘how are you‘, or ‘what have you eaten ?‘ (a greeting that is normally asked after the south-east and south-china region)

Here in Ladakh, where journeys are long, difficult and often unpredictable, hence  ‘where are you going‘ seem to be the only logical question just in case they need a ride somewhere. It is also a starter for conversations and for many stories.

– end

Info 1 : Tanglangla Pass is apparently the second highest motorable pass in the world according to the Indian Authorities
Info 2: Sometimes Indian Authorities tend to exaggerate and like to put a claim on a lot of things, so info 1 isn’t verified, I  can’t say it is a fact or it is true, but it might be the second highest motorable pass in India.

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