Finally made it to Leh, Ladakh

Arrived to Leh, Ladakh. Long bus rides from Delhi to Manali (2 nights). Manali to Keylong (12 long hours on public bus). Keylong 2 night to recover from hellish ride. Bus from Keylong to Leh (18 long hours on another public bus). Spending 3 weeks in Leh and going various places from there. Great place to base yourself compare to Manali which is dreadful and full of Weed smoking travellers. Went to Nubra Valley, took a bus to Diskit and Hunder. Hunder for 2 nights, quiet and peaceful, but not really much to do, except short walks to the crumbling gompas around. Plenty of apricot trees and the famous 2 hump hunder camels.


2 responses to “Finally made it to Leh, Ladakh

  1. This is one place that I cannot stop thinking of going back to again and again!!!

  2. have a safe and fun trip! Looking forwards for the amazing photos!

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