Meeting Adrian and Carol in Weymouth, South England

August 2009 – Weymouth, Dorset, South England

If there is another reason to visit Weymouth, its for the photogenic South England beach and its pretty yachting marina and meeting Carol and Adrian at their historical Bed and Breakfast hotel, The George.

Wonderful couple who bought their great B&B and conserved it on their own. Together they felt like the typical british couple on television. Adrian, the quiet and forgetful (he pretends only) but proud and always at your service chap, and Carol the out going chatty lady, who is also quite the psychic. The house apparently is a huge energy entity that communicates with Carol in uncanny ways and a nice lady who haunts the first floor.  The house also has moods.

Carol the ever out-going and enthusiatic historic bluff was educating us about the history of Weymouth and their conservation building.

Carol was pretty chatty about its history and in a tongue and cheek way, quite proud to mentioned that Weymouth was ‘infamous’ for bringing the Black Death, or Bubonic Plague to England back in the 1300s.

Weymouth was also the first sea-side resort, the Mad King George III (in late 1700s) came repeatedly for his summer holidays, taking a dip at the chalky cold waters of Weymouth beach. Back then it was rather unfashionable to take a dip in the waters, well, they didn’t really take baths and showers back then anyways, so this was definately not popular.

It was because of the first royal visits that the mayor of Weymouth decided to clean up the dreadfully pollution beach and sea side front and started building the luxury apartments , hence transforming it into one of the first famous sea side beaches.

Great couple at Weymouth B&B

At the dining room with the original fireplace that they discovered

Great couple at Weymouth B&B

At the front porch before we said out good byes

Artifacts from Weymouth, George B&B
The artifacts Carol showed us when they discovered in the attic and basement while conserving the building.
Carol said she wants to find more of these hidden in the building and wants more of the old coins to complete the collection.


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