Here’s a ‘traditional’ English Breakfast

What a new ‘modern’ version of a traditional English Breakfast look like these days.
Pretty stylish looking, and rather sparse. I was getting a few of them at the Bed and Breakfast pub places while touring around South of English

The British really love their pork products, bacon and sausages and blood pudding.

Don’t really fancy them, I am not a mammal eater, I don’t eat pork, beef, mutton or anything with four legs. I love my seafood, fish and poultry and tons of yummy vegetables, but don’t get me eating my favorite animals

But I didn’t miss out in snapping a few photos of it when I temporarily confiscated the dishes from my travel buddies.

Food in London
My vegetarian version of the English Breakfast – vegetarian fried sausage, eggs, hash potato and my favorite baked beans.  Everything tasted great when soaked with baked beans.. except that horrid deep fried ‘Vegie’  sausage.

Food in London
The semi traditional modern English Breakfast – blood pudding, bacon, eggs, sauteed mushroom but no baked beans! how shocking!

Food in London
The full English Breakfast minus the baked beans! When did they stop putting the beans in the breakfast and turn it modern! Tsk! Its not a English Breakfast without the baked beans along with the runny sunny side eggs! Where are the Food Nazis to set them ‘modern’ English cooks right! Damn you!

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