Food Glorious Food in the United Kingdom

This is a country of indulgence, its summer time and everywhere you see, gorgeous fruits and fresh produce all dressed up in beautiful colorful shop fronts. Everything seems so easy here, provided you have tons of those expensive British pounds. Consumerism is pricey!

You can get anything here… well anything and anywhere.. but just not anytime… The shops close early here, by 6pm or 7pm, some supermarkets like Tescos and Sainburys in some places open 24hours, but the restaurants close open.

Food has been a huge highlight on this trip, smoked fishes, smoked duck, preserves and fresh organic vegetable and fruit produce. Yummy

Here’s a whole lot of food shots for your entertainment.

Food in London - Harrods

The Famous Harrods Supermarket, beautifully presented food, photogenic decore

Food in London - Harrods

My favorite vegetables, bell peppers, artichokes, mini aubergines all dressed up so pretty.

Food in London - Harrods

French Artichoke Florettes according to the label.

Crispy duck and pancake in Chinatown London

In London Chinatown, crispy duck, so airy and crispy without being oily, I had this twice, once on our first day in London and on our last night in London!

Food in London

Food in London

Everything here is so nicely presented, even the ‘regular’ japanese takeaway

Food in London

I rekindled my deep love of the fresh salmon here and went all out eating as much raw and smoked salmon as I could.

Food in London

My favorite lunch meal, often craved in India, just a simple vegetable soup, fresh salad with artichokes and beans sprinkled generously with Parmasan cheese.

Food in London - smoked salmon and pate for lunch

My rather expensive lunch/dinner at Selfridges. Organically raised salmon, smoked in aromatic woods for the summer, with duck pate and organic red cabbage saukekraut, and what’s left of this rather delicious salt smoked swordfish in between the smoked salmon bits. The salmon had such well distributed fat content, the meat just simply melts in your mouth. Nearly forgot to take a shot of it.

Food in London
Amazing array of salads at the supermarket. I wonder what happens to them when it gets unsold. So much food wastage here, its so sinful!

Food in London
Smoked meats.. they sure love their beautifully aromatic wood smoked game meats here in Greenwich Market

Food in London


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