Here in London

In London for 3 days now. Sunday was a dud.
Monday was great, discovered Chinatown which was just behind Leceister Square. Had the most delicious crispy roast duck with pancake in a HongKong style restaurant. The dish is quite unique to London, not tasted it anywhere else, pretty similar to the Balinese version of the crispy duck. The duck is shredded, the skin is air dried then fried to achieve that not so oily crisp airy texture. The service staff was very efficient and quite friendly, found out most of them were from Ipoh Malaysia who came to London in search for good money. Pretty gruelling job working more than 12 hours non stop 6days a week.

Watched the musical Wicked. It was ok, paid 45 pounds for a middle stall ticket, the view was pretty good, at least I didn’t have to struggle to watch a tiny figure moving in the stage compare to the first time I visited a musical.

Might head to the British museum and then do some street photography on Oxford street, find where the books and antique shops are.


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