Don’t ask me where I come from and about Learning Hindi

Where do you come from?

– One of the most dreaded repeated questions while I’m travelling.

If you have every local you meet asking you repeatedly then immediately forgets your answer, you would get kinda irritated.

Not many people know where Singapore is, and if they have some remote sense where it is,  they would usually think Singapore is in some part of China.

Often it is some of the Indians who would pretend they know where it is and promptly argues with me where my country should be.

“You are in China hei!”  only after a few seconds of my replying to their repeated Where do you come from question.


Finally after being in India for a few months,  I have succumbed in learning more  hindi beyond the numbers and asking for directions.

Never really felt the need in learning the language since I have been travelling to places where English is more commonly spoken than hindi.

If you are sick of replying the locals who ask you the same question then promptly forgets your answer, you should learn this phrase.

As inspired by my favorite mandarin song


mujhe mat poochhiye ki main kahan se hoon

Don’t ask me where I come from


meri janmbhoomi kahin door hai

I come from far far away

橄欖樹 – Olive Tree by Stephanie Sun

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