McLeod Ganj or more familarly known as Dharamsala can be quite an easy place to live in. Lodging is cheap at a village call Dharamcot, with a nice room overlooking the valley at 80rp a night, you get fresh vegetables easily at McLeod Ganj or eat reasonably well in restaurants. I got my local cheeses for pretty good deal 100rp, great cheeses, pretty decent wines and good vegetables. Good beautiful cool weather, great walks around the mountains. You can easily live here for 1 month without even noticing. The travellers that gather here are a bit off worldly, dressed in this whole hippyish fashion, most are up in the clouds, probably from smoking hashish or charas the whole day. Although I do get a little annoyed with the bunch of girls living next to my room smoking charas the whole night and chatting throughout the night. You do get a little off breathing in the charas via second hand smoke.


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