In Calcutta at the moment

Basically hanging around Calcutta, developed a painful infection, and not able to move around a lot. Lotsa staying in bed, love the old Calcutta apartment I am staying at the moment. It has this very high ceiling, with the heat and humidity here, it helps having such high ceiling and a great ceiling fan. Its only spring and its so hot and humid, i am taking 2 or more showers everyday!

Had the worse time sorting out my parcel which is stuck in India post for more than 2 months. Do not ever ever ever ever send anything via the India Post. They are the worst lazy assholes especially the ones in South Calcutta. Takes me 1 week going to 3 post offices just to get things sorted because of their own mistake on my parcel. Lazy bastards didn’t do anything about my parcel and it takes plenty of me shouting at the bastards to get something going. Nothing seems to work with them except using threats to the higher authorities.

I’m heading out to the Chinese Breakfast or YumCha on Sunday, near Poddar Court. This is where the Chinese community will serve great dimsum or dumplings for breakfast. It will be an early affair for me, since it starts 5am and ends by 7am. I gotta get out to the streets by 4am to catch a cab to the city.



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