Happy 2009, and many great travels

I am here in Darjeeling, India sitting in a freezing cold internet cafe with my frozen fingers. Spending just three days here, lazily around this pretty but touristy hill station. Am heading up to Sikkim on New Year’s Day. Had initally wanted to head to Gangtok, city of Sikkim via town of Siliguri in West Bengal.

There was some massive strike in Siliguri, the public Sikkim bus to Gangtok was closed and pretty much everything else was shut down, that included the cheaper rickshaws and buses from Siliguri train station to the bus and jeep stands. After much waiting and bargaining over the inflated prices of the rickshaw that took me to the bus station, the Gangtok govt bus stand was shut, the only option was the jeep to Darjeeling. Had plan to take the train to Darjeeling, via Kalimpon.

The weather here in Darjeeling, West of Bengal  has been rather cloudy, typical of a winter, with temperatures falling to 3 oC.

Just did a 26days trip to Nagaland, NorthEast of India. Didn’t know I could visit that place because of the permit issues until the very last few days. Met up with a few people here with the intention of just visiting the Hornbill Festival where the tribes of Nagaland gather for the tourist. Ended up visiting Mon district which is up north of Nagaland where the Konyak tribes are. Will post up some photos of the people.

Happy travels and have great New Year ahead

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