Travel Lust goes on Hiatus for 2 months… maybe

Apologises for the non posting lately. The Travel Lust has overcome me and I am afraid I have to concede to it. Hence the posting of past photos from my older trips.

For the moment I have been country hopping since September and awaiting my permits to one of my wishlist destinations. I am not even sure if I can even get there as of yet, all these silly red tapes with permits and applications. Crossing fingers, toes and intestinal regions.

Stay tuned, meanwhile as you can see I have uploaded my photos from my past trips to keep you occupied and look out for the upcoming ones when I get my lazy butt to do so.

I have been so lazy, I havn’t been going through all my photos since September. Countries been so far since September : Java Island, Indonesia, Thailand, Jungles of Malaysia, Central Asia.

If I don’t reply to my email, it might be that I have slow internet access or too dead tired to search for a internet cafe. Promise I will reply eventually, so please be patient!

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