Baraaza : A new travel review community site

There’s a new travel community based site call, I received an invitation to join them. You are suppose to contribute your travel experiences, reviews and create destination guides for others.

Have yet to do a proper look around, the setup and the look of the website seems pretty useful. Once you have sign up, you are provide with some blog like feature, a place to upload your photos, share your travel ideas and destinations. There’s the community forum which you can post all your travel questions, reviews or any activities.

It looks promising but only if they could attract a large mass who would contribute, at the moment there are only a few contributors, its a little quiet. With so many other travel sites out there such as the popular travelblog to compete with, not sure if it is worth a second visit just yet.

Here is what it says at their website : is a travel network that connects people who love to travel with inside information about any destination on the globe. Members connect with other travelers and natives from around the world to discover unique, direct-from-the-source information about amazing spots and travel activities. We hope the information exchanged on our site will quickly inform baraaza travelers and enhance their overall travel experience.


3 responses to “Baraaza : A new travel review community site

  1. Thanks for the tip. I checked it out and thought it was pretty cool -I really like the photos map. This site definitiely has potential.

  2. good to know, give me a update once you have completed your travel profile. cheers

  3. I joined baraaza and I like it so far. I am still working on finishing my profile. Its definetly a cool site for travelers.

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