Seen : The Great Anti-Social Train Travel

Subtitle : A individual capsule train form design

I like the concept of travelling alone without having to deal with crappy passengers with bad attitude, bad body odours, noise, passengers having no sense of personal space.

Hamit Kanuni Kuralkan, an Australian designer took 5 weeks to come up with this futuristic concept of Personal Rapid Transit -individual train compartments.

Apart from some design flaws, this is a great concept where each passenger would have their own personal space in individual capsules without the hassle of dealing with other passengers and their idiosyncrasies.

Some issues such as toilets, claustrophobia and problems arising from long distance travel need to be worked out.

One response to “Seen : The Great Anti-Social Train Travel

  1. This isn’t Personal Rapid Transit; PRT is a top-to-bottom rethink of transit service as experienced by the user. That rethink is expressed through engineering with small vehicles operating according to demand, not timetables. It is “personal” because the transit service is customized to the level of each traveler (point of departure and destination, time of departure, etc), as opposed to group of travelers (timetable determines when people must gather, fewer destinations, etc).

    Kuralkan’s concept is just a train that has been divided into cubicles. The only thing I like about it is that it resembles an orca whale.

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